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"learning to make chappatis with my grandmother"

Hi, my name is Raj. One of my fondest memories is learning to make chappatis with my grandmother. This love for cooking is one that has stayed with me for over 40 years and this is what I bring to my food, alongside over 16 years of tutoring experience.

My cooking is grounded in traditional Punjabi recipes and ingredients that have been handed down through generations, taught to me by my grandmother and my mother. They taught me the secrets to blending and elevating humble ingredients to produce food that is truly spectacular to taste. My grandmother in particular taught me to strive for perfection in my food and this is something that I took to heart and is part of my cooking ethos.


I have honed these skills by cooking for everything from the largest family get togethers to weekday dinners and have applied this experience to cooking for large parties and catering at high profile community events.

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